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Texas Green Energy Sponsors Team of Senior Engineering Students at Texas A&M

Texas Green Energy is once again is proving its commitment to the education of future engineers. We will be sponsoring the team Impressive Innovations during their 2016-2017 Capstone Design Process.

The team will include the following members and roles:

About Capstone:

The Capstone design process includes five primary areas of learning for the students:

1) An introduction to the fundamentals of engineering and project management
2) Production and delivery of planning and technical documentation
3) Interaction with engineering professionals
4) Hardware and software design
5) Product implementation, fabrication, testing, and demonstrating

During this process, the students will treat Texas Green Energy as a client to their engineering business. Texas Green Energy will work with the students and their faculty advisers to create the design requirements of the finished product which needed to be delivered by May 2017 in order for the students to receive their degree.

About The Project:

Impressive Innovations is an Aggie owned and operated engineering startup that is committed to offering the highest quality of work. The current project that Impressive Innovations is undertaking is a Rapid Shutdown PV System to be retrofitted into older photovoltaic systems, in order for them to be up to date on National Electric Code (NEC ) requirements. This will be done by detecting when power to a building is shutdown, and then sending a signal to a power switch through the existing DC line, resulting in the power produced by solar panels to be shut off. The goal of this is to ultimately make the building safe for emergency workers.

Meet the Team

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Adam Lambert

Project Manager

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Erin Flores

Hardware Engineer

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Rob Davis

Hardware Engineer

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Ashton Harry

Integration Engineer

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Spencer Stricklin

Software Engineer

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Steveng Chamu

Test Engineer