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Texas A&M Engineering students complete Capstone design project for Texas Green Energy

In order to receive their degree in Electronic Systems and Engineering Technology, students must successfully complete the requirements for a senior design process known as Capstone. Texas Green Energy proudly sponsored the team DeLectronics, who successfully completed their requirements and delivered a fully functioning prototype of a corrosion protection system for oil pipelines in May of 2016.

About Capstone:

The Capstone design process includes five primary areas of learning for the students:

1) An introduction to the fundamentals of engineering and project management
2) Production and delivery of planning and technical documentation
3) Interaction with engineering professionals
4) Hardware and software design
5) Product implementation, fabrication, testing, and demonstrating

During this process, the students treated Texas Green Energy as a client to their engineering business. Texas Green Energy worked with the students and their faculty advisers to create the design requirements of the finished product which needed to be delivered as specified in order for the students to receive their degree.

About The Project:

Oil pipelines in the state of Texas experience many different environmental conditions, including freezing winters and 100 degree Fahrenheit summers. These conditions can cause pipelines to corrode rapidly, which is a safety hazard to oil assets, personnel, and to the environment. One way to protect oil pipelines form corrosion is the implementation of a cathodic protection system.

DeLectronics developed a new and unique method for controlling cathodic protection, which not only controlled the protection process in real time, but also added the capability of being remotely monitored and controlled. This device allows companies to protect miles of pipeline without the dangers and costs associated with sending technicians to remote areas.